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Taiwan Culinary Exhibition to kick off on Friday

The 2017 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition is kicking off from July 21 to July 24 at Taipei World Trade Center Hall One. Taiwan’s tourism ambassador Taiwan OhBear on Tuesday attended the press conference to experience the highlights of each section.

The 2017 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition will be centered on the theme of “Culinary Arts,” “Culinary Utensils,” “Culinary Ingredients,” “Culinary Journeys,” “Culinary Gifts,” and “Culinary Education,” with 20 t kiosks and over 800 booths, satisfying visitors sense of vision as well as taste as they experience the exquisite aspect of culinary culture and the powerful allure of fine dining.

Yeh Chu-lan, chairwoman of Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA), said at the press conference that the exhibition this year will be largely different from previous years, while the breadth and depth will be greatly improved, giving visitors a chance to enjoy gourmet from all over the world, from Chinese cuisine, Taiwanese dishes, to indigenous delicacies and exotic flavors made by new immigrants from the Southeast Asia.

The gastronomic favorites of Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries, as well as the specialties of Europe and America, will be on display as well. The diversity of food culture in Taiwan is richer than you could ever imagine.

To attract the visitors, many hotels and restaurants are offering big discounts at the exhibition, as the organizer is offering 1,000 gift bags for early bird visitors. The first 300 visitors on July 22, 23, and first 400 visitors on July 24 who get to the main stage at the exhibition will receive the “Fantastic Gift Bag.”

Ticket can be bought at ibon、FamiPort、OK mart and hi-life island wide with admission at NT$ 180 per person starting from now. Admission at the door costs NT$200 per person.