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Taiwan Post Office begins sales of Universiade-themed stamps Wednesday

Chunghwa Post Co., Taiwan’s official postal service, begins sales of Universiade-themed stamps on Wednesday (Aug. 16), three days before the event opens on Saturday. The commemorative stamps include an eight-stamp set — four with NT$5 (US$0.16) postage and four with NT$15 — as well as a miniature sheet featuring a NT$25 stamp. The stamps feature…


Children’s creative science works exhibition kicks off in Taipei

The exhibition of the fifth Sony Creative Science Awards kicked off Thursday, with Taiwan’s tourism ambassador Taiwan OhBear appearing to demonstrate the award-winning works invented by elementary school students. This year’s science competition attracted over 100 teams, which were organized by elementary students from 10 to 12 years old. After a nine-month training and working…


Taiwan Culinary Exhibition to kick off on Friday

The 2017 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition is kicking off from July 21 to July 24 at Taipei World Trade Center Hall One. Taiwan’s tourism ambassador Taiwan OhBear on Tuesday attended the press conference to experience the highlights of each section. The 2017 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition will be centered on the theme of “Culinary Arts,” “Culinary Utensils,” “Culinary…


‘Sen Yi Hall’ blends arts and crafts and gourmet foods in Taiwan’s Yilan

“Sen Yi Hall” (森藝館, literally means forest and crafts), a store located within the Yilan Luodong Forestry Culture Park (羅東林業文化園區), has officially opened its doors to visitors on June 24. Sen Yi Hall features displays of locally made wood crafts and sells a variety of quality crafts, to promote Yilan County’s local forest industry and…


Tourism Bureau launches 2017 Ecotourism Year and announces selected itineraries

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau launched the 2017 Ecotourism Year and announced 20 selected ecotourism itineraries in a press conference on Wednesday in a bid to encourage the public to immerse themselves in Taiwan’s beautiful natural landscapes and rich eco-environments. A panel of judges formed by the Taiwan Ecotourism Association selected these itineraries from a pool of…



交通部觀光局為推廣國內生態體驗,鼓勵國人多接觸臺灣美麗的大自然景色,規劃推動一系列生態體驗觀光主題,分別為生態旅遊年、海灣旅遊年、小鎮漫遊及脊樑山脈生態旅遊年,並於週三(25)日舉行「2017生態旅遊年」啟動記者會,公布優質生態行程。 詳細行程請瀏覽「漫遊臺灣‧生態體驗」官方網站 這些優質的生態行程是由社團法人臺灣生態旅遊協會共同組成生態行程遴選委員會,從國內多家旅遊業者精心規劃的行程遴選而出,包裝行程推出原住民部落、夜探螢火蟲、濕地生態、離島風情、森林步道、賞蝶賞花等20條精緻且多樣化之生態體驗行程,邀請民眾來趟感受大自然的優遊慢活。本次遴選出優質生態行程將同步公布於官方網站。 此外,為了讓民眾更深入瞭解臺灣生態之美,感受大自然的壯麗景色,交通部觀光局將舉行「臺灣在地觀光大使」徵選活動,徵選北中南東各一名觀光大使來分享臺灣豐富多元的生態美景,經人氣票選及面試二階段遴選後,將頒予每人7萬元旅遊獎勵金,一同向國人介紹各地生態行程與景點。觀光大使徵選報名於4月26日正式開始,詳細活動辦法請上官方網站查詢。 臺灣生態資源豐富,四季有賞螢、賞鯨豚、賞候鳥、賞鷹、紫斑蝶等在地深度、生態體驗活動,交通部觀光局將國家風景區生態主題資訊置於局網,提供遊客一起體驗、瞭解、欣賞與享受沒有教室的大自然,共同創造永續發展環境,保存自然資源,讓下一代與我們一起感受臺灣生命力。


Fulong sand sculpture fest to celebrate 10th anniversary with more giveaways

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)–The 2017 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival is scheduled to take place from May 6 to July 9, 2017 as jointly organized by the Northeast Coast and Yilan National Scenic Area Administration under the Tourism Bureau and the Fullon Hotels. The organizers held a press conference on Wednesday in Taipei to announce the…


Taiwan’s OhBear helps kick off nation’s first travel safety awareness week

Taipei (Taiwan News)—Taiwan’s tourism ambassador, OhBear, teamed up with Tourism Bureau chief Joe Chou (周永暉), to launch the nation’s travel safety awareness week that will run from March 13-18, 2017. OhBear joined important guests from the travel industry to raise placards with slogans raising travel awareness at the event’s initiation ceremony on Wednesday. Starting from 2017,…