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‘Sen Yi Hall’ blends arts and crafts and gourmet foods in Taiwan’s Yilan

“Sen Yi Hall” (森藝館, literally means forest and crafts), a store located within the Yilan Luodong Forestry Culture Park (羅東林業文化園區), has officially opened its doors to visitors on June 24.

Sen Yi Hall features displays of locally made wood crafts and sells a variety of quality crafts, to promote Yilan County’s local forest industry and leisure and recreation industry.

The site, established during the Japanese colonial period, was originally used to house staff at the former forestry center as well as for log storage. The restoration and rebuilding of the old houses was part of the Yilan government’s effort to boost the development of the county’s cultural and creative industry.

According to Council of Agriculture Minister Lin Tsung-hsien, local communities are encouraged to work in tandem with the forest district office to rebuild themselves as cultural centers, as it is in line with the government’s cultural policy.

The artisan shop, located in the northern area of the Park, carries many wood and bamboo products from local artisans, while also offering visitors a space to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the natural and healing environment.