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Taiwan amusement parks hold joint event to contribute to charity and boost visits

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Twenty amusement parks in Taiwan have joined hands to hold a charity event that aims to help the needy and boost visits to the parks at the same time, according to the country’s Tourism Bureau.  

From now on until August 15, members of the public are encouraged to visit one of the 20 amusement parks, take a photo with a finger heart pose at a place where the park is recognizable, and then upload the photo to the Taiwan amusement parks website’s photo uploading web page (Chinese), the bureau said.

However, membership of the website is required to upload such a photo, so don’t forget to register for the membership (Chinese), the bureau said, adding that a member can only upload a photo for the event.

For every photo uploaded, the amusement park where the photo was taken will be responsible for donating an item to charity, the bureau said. In the end, all the uploaded photos will be counted and a corresponding number of items contributed by the amusement parks will be donated to suitable charitable organizations, the bureau added.

In addition, anyone who uploaded a photo is also eligible for participating in a prize drawing event, and the prizes include a Dyson air purifier, a Dyson hair dryer, an Apple Watch and many other items, according to the bureau.  

For a list of the 20 participating amusement parks, please visit the web page (Chinese).