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Taiwan OhBear, with rails authority, launches namesake meal box

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)–Taiwan’s tourism ambassador Taiwan OhBear(喔熊), with Taiwan Rails Administration (TRA), launched a namesake meal box on Wednesday.

The new “OhBear Meal Box” (OhBear組長便當) sold briskly, and the limited 50 boxes for Wednesday nearly sold out within 30 minutes after the launch on Wednesday morning.  

Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau said that OhBear, also a staff member of the bureau, had worked with the TRA’s Food & Travel Service Department to study the ingredients for the meal box. The bureau said the new meal box is prepared from a great variety of fresh ingredients and specially cooked pork with little oil and little salt, and it tastes delicious and is healthy.    

The TRA said that the ingredients in the OhBear meal box include black rice, slices of roast marinated pork steak, a spiced stewed egg, a pickled plum, broccoli, baby corn, red pepper, shredded seaweed, Yunlin peanuts, and green beans.   

Besides the OhBear namesake box, the TRA also launched a vegetarian meal box, which features black rice, a variety of mushrooms, braised bean curd tofu and freshly cooked vegetables. These two new meal boxes provide good additional choices to an assortment of TRA meal boxes.

The new meal boxes will be sold at the shop called “Dream Factory of the Taiwan Rails Administration (台鐵夢工廠)” near the West Gate 3 of the Taipei Main Station building from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day. The OhBear Meal Box sells for NT$100 per box, but on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9 limited boxes sell for the discounted price of NT$80 per box.   

A consumer surnamed Liao who had tasted the OhBear Meal Box said the meal tasted fresh, crispy, light and delicious and kept praising the meal box.