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Slow Town Concert Let everyone know the beauty of Taiwanese town through music!

In order to promote the beautiful culture of Taiwan's small towns to the world, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications will cooperate with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture for the first time. From September 7th, a series of small town concerts will be held to let the international music go out of the music. The hall fluttered to various towns in Taiwan.

The Tourism Bureau has designated 2019 as the "Rock Year of the Town", and selected 30 classic towns, which are jointly marketed by the 40 major towns recommended by the Hakka Committee and the 40 international towns of the internationally certified International Slow City. I hope to attract international tourists to Taiwan to experience the charm of Taiwanese towns. In order to attract tourists to visit the town, the Tourism Bureau plans to hold a series of concerts, so that the national symphony will lead passengers into the special towns, and more than 75 performers will be invited to hold large towns in Keelung and Yilan. Concerts, as well as 11 small copper tube quintet flash performances in towns within the national scenic areas, with national performances, combined with the town's landscape and culture, allowing participants to experience sightseeing, culture and music. A beautiful trip that is stirred up. After that, the Tourism Bureau planned to record the town concert videos, promote the town features to the international through audio-visual publicity, attract more international visitors, and experience the beauty of the Taiwanese town.

The press conference specially invited the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra to bring world-class music to the scene. The Taiwanese tourism spokesperson, the raccoon leader, will also be flashed and surprise to appear on the same stage. I hope that this series of activities will not only let the public see the scenery of the town through sight. It is also necessary to feel the beauty of the town through hearing.

The next two large outdoor concerts will be held on September 7 and December 7 at 7:00 pm in the Bagouzi Fishing Port in Zhongzheng District of Keelung and Yilan Sports Park in Yilan City. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications invites the people to experience the national-level music banquet together in the environment of the characteristic town.