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"Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020" opening performance on February 8th, the main light district of Houli, Taichung debuted

The opening performance of the "Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020" will be officially held at 4:20 pm on February 8th in the main light district of Houli, Taichung City. In conjunction with the curation of the main light district of "Fantasy Forest", the opening performance of the Taiwan Lantern Festival this year The event will integrate Taichung's characteristics and innovative design, and invite top teams at home and abroad to join the elements of fantasy and mystery to create a new style of the Taiwan Lantern Festival 2.0 Rising Sun, showing the natural and sustainable new lantern festival. Diversified performances are very lively and exciting.

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications stated that the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival adheres to the theme of "The Dawn is Brighter again. Bright Taichung" and invited 5 foreign teams from France, the United Kingdom, and Japan, as well as 7 domestic outstanding teams, to jointly perform 4 major themes. At the beginning of the event, the shock of the air force fighter planes breaking through the sky will open the prelude to the "2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung". Taichung City has the reputation of being the music capital. Therefore, the Lantern Festival invited Jiutian Folk Art Troupe, Houyin Saxophone Orchestra, Taiwan Youth Wind Orchestra and the performing arts section of Xinmin High School to perform "Taiwan's Heart Shining Taichung" Demonstrating the artistic literacy of Taichung for many years is the beginning. In addition, Taiwan has the characteristics of diverse ethnic groups such as Southern Fujian, Hakka, Indigenous People, and New Residents. The Lanyang Dance Troupe and the Haqi Drum Culture and Art Troupe will present the past heritage and innovative rebirth in the form of music and dance. Encourage ".

The "Festival of World Lantern Festival" highlights the exchange of friendship between Taiwan and the world. There are Hokkaido Yosakoi Soran Festival Hokkaido University of Science ~ Sora ~, Mie Prefecture Annozu YOSAKOI Four Seasons Dance and Nagoya City Shinaka Festival Festival-Kamon The three teams performed spectacularly last year, and this year they will create a passionate traditional Japanese dance for the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival, and you will continue to exclaim with the waving of the flag. Finally, the finale of "World Light Festival Taiwan" invited the British SPARK! Clown Magic Drum Show, through the colorful changes of LED light and shadow and funny movements and team formations, combining drum music with technology light and shadow. The French luminous white horse dance theater uses elements such as lighting, puppetry, and music to transform ordinary inflatable dolls into characters with soul on the stage, which will lead the audience into a French romantic dream. Among them, the mighty Dragon and Lion Wushu War Drum Troupe interspersed with local folk arts, martial arts, dragon dance, lion dance, and war drums are integrated through the stage play. The artistic atmosphere of festivals and joys in various countries is fully exchanged here, and the opening program will be an international exhibition full of artistry and entertainment.

The performance program for the opening of the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be based on the local humanities and artistic characteristics of Taichung, and will carry forward the Taiwan spirit of the excellent domestic team, and then communicate with the international team. The exhibition is based on the center of Taiwan, using art and culture as a medium, projecting like a dawn to all parts of the world. On February 8 from 4 pm on the lantern festival stage will appear in turn. Invite people from all over the country to meet in Taichung for the annual Lantern Festival. The Taiwan Lantern Festival will light up Taichung and let the world see Taiwan. People are welcome to come to Taichung to enjoy a colorful and exciting Lantern Festival Lantern Festival! For more details, please visit the "2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival" website.