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Takayama Thanksgiving Concert

To commemorate the opening of the Central Central Transit Highway, the Administration Department of the Tourism Bureau of the Sanshan National Scenic Area, the Ministry of Communications specially held the Alpine Thanksgiving Blessing Concert in the square in front of the Lishan Hotel yesterday. Takayama held a music feast to pay tribute to the heroes who opened the way that year, and at the same time broadcast live through the Internet to accompany the people of the country to celebrate Mother's Day.

Ke Jianxing, director of Sen Shan, said that after 60 years ago, it was worked hard for more than 10,000 veterans and veterans. It lasted more than three years and finally held an opening ceremony in Guguan in 1949. The then vice president Chen Cheng and the chairman of the withdrawal committee Jiang Jingguo co-chaired the opening ceremony. A group of people took the Golden Horse to Lishan to write a brand new page for the development history of the Dalishan area.

Ke Jianxing emphasized that the opening of Yijiazi in commemoration of Zhongheng, and the creation of the tourism brand of “Spine Mountain Tourism”, planned to hold a series of activities of “Zhongheng Sightseeing 60 – Happy Lishan · Love at Peak” Including heavy cash Ma Fenghua, Takayama thanksgiving prayer concert, Lishan Jesus Church wedding, tribal tour, Zhongheng hiking, merchants along the route discount series, and Zhongheng Yijiazi special exhibition.