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The press conference of "Taiwan's Golden Beauty Vessels and Ridge Mountains Photographic Exhibition 2020" launched the first wave of tourism events after the epidemic slowed down

This year coincides with the 2020 Backbone Mountain Tourism Year. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held a press conference of the "Taiwan Golden Beauty Vessel Photographic Mountain Photography Exhibition" today (3rd) at the Tourism Service Center. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport Qi Wenzhong and the Deputy Director of the Tourism Bureau Director Zhou Tingzhang, General Manager Ke Yanyin of Beijing Railway Station Fashion Plaza, Construction Department of the Ministry of the Interior, Forestry Bureau of the Agricultural Committee, Jilin Mountain Classic Travel Tour Travel Agency, representatives of various national scenic area management offices and other people attended the event. Events of the Tourism Bureau after the online conference division and hot spring marketing activities.

Under the impact of the epidemic in the first half of this year, most people's work and life styles have changed, and the period of staying at home has been lengthened. For this reason, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport used Work from Home from March to May this year but also required Travel from Home. Concept, launched the "2020 Taiwan Golden Beauty Online Photography Awards" to collect beautiful photos of Taiwan's ridge mountains. Among the works raised through the official bear IG, 32 selected works were selected, and from June 4 to June 6 On the 28th of October, a physical photography exhibition was held at the Fashion Plaza of Beijing Station in Taiwan. The concept of tourism combined with video was used to condensate the beauty of the mountain range of Taiwan at the Fashion Plaza of Taipei Station, the transportation hub of Taipei. The photo exhibition is also the first joint collaboration between the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the department store industry Beijing Station Fashion Plaza. The series of events during the exhibition include: June 6th, the team leader Xiong Xiong and the blogger live broadcast out of the box; June 12-14 Accommodation coupons will be sent for the Rishan Mountain Flash Selfie Competition; June 20th, Oh Bear Fan Club and June 21st Mountaineering Sports Lecture will create a trend for the Year of the Backbone Mountain Tourism.

The Ministry of Communications said, "Mountain tourism is in line with the purpose of a new life of epidemic prevention. We mainly promote mountain towns and mountain tourism. We will take advantage of the slowdown of the epidemic in the second half of the year." In addition, Li Zhanying, a Taiwanese frog, will also be invited to the event site Together with the general manager of Beijing Railway Station and the team leader of Xiong Xiong, they accepted the second minister’s flag, inviting the public to go out together on August 15 Guanyin Mountain, the tough guy in Guanyin Mountain, welcomes the people to join in the celebration.

At the event, Mr. Qi, Minister of Transportation, also personally experienced the 360-degree VR film of the Year of the Backbone Mountain Travel Photography, which was filmed by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, and used smart tourism and technology marketing to appreciate the beauty of the mountains and forests. The film award competition strives for international visibility, improves the exposure of Taiwan's "odd, dangerous, steep, and beautiful" mountain scenery, and enables more international tourists and film festival visitors to use the most direct visual experience through film viewing methods to experience Taiwan's changing terrain , Rich in ecology and magnificent natural landscape, shaping Taiwan as a well-known international mountaineering and mountain tourism holy place, allowing the world to see Taiwan.

The epidemic situation has gradually slowed down. In July, the "Safe Travel" program will also be launched. Through the new concept of anti-epidemic tourism, combined with various preferential measures such as group travellers, free travel, sightseeing amusement parks and Taiwan watching Pakistan, to promote domestic economic benefits through tourism, At the same time, there are many mountain towns in Taiwan. Everyone is welcome to experience the beauty of Taiwan's mountain towns.