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Dream blue tears land on Nangan, light up the 2020 shimmering Matsu, a wonderful event for a summer, the more beautiful the night

Matsu, who has rich battlefield tourism resources, has attracted a large number of tourists in recent years because of "Blue Tears". To create an in-depth travel experience different from the past, the Matsu National Scenic Area Management Office took the theme of "2020 Backbone Mountain Tourism Year" as the theme. For the first time, the blue tears "shimmer" image was used with battlefield tunnels to launch a series of exciting activities, inviting everyone to come to Matsuka. ! (Ka Qian: Matsu means "play").

This series of activities will be launched one after another on June 30, including the official hat mountain trail light travel, battlefield table lunch tea feast, low-light concert, tunnel poetry season, tunnel photography with bonus and tunnel punch card exchange gift, etc. It's delicious and fun. This summer's Matsu will refresh everyone!

This time, the luminous art gallery was specially designed with the concept of blue tears, so that the light on the ground and the blue tears on the sea will shine together. The dreams are absolutely memorable! Now follow the steps of blue tears and explore the 2020 Shimmer Matsu’s LOHAS good style!