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"2020 Hot Springs in Taiwan, Happy and Beautiful Soup" launched enthusiastically

The Sanshan National Scenic Area Management Department of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications is holding a press conference on the off-season marketing of the hot spring in the "2020 Hot Spring in Taiwan, Happy and Beautiful Soup" at the Wuri Fresh Hot Spring Hotel on this (6/18) day. The director Ke Jianxing, Li Jitian, Chairman of the Hot Spring Tourism Association of the Republic of China, Bai Shaohua, Chief of the Tourism and Tourism Bureau of the Taichung City Government, Huang Tengda, Chief of the Cultural Tourism Department of the Miaoli County Government, Huang Shan, Chief of the Tourism Department of the Nantou County Government, and Lu Yujun, Executive Director of the Hsinchu County Hot Spring Tourism Industry Association , Li Yuxiu, Director General of Tai'an Hot Spring Tourism Development Association in Miaoli County, Jiang Deli, Chairman of Guan'an Hot Spring Hotel in Tai'an, Luo Jinzhou, Honorary Chairman of Taichung Hot Spring Tourism Association, Ou Wengong, Director General of Guguan Community Development Association, Lin Yaxuan, Vice Chairman of Fresh Spring Hotel, Gu Daohong, Chairman of Dongpu Hot Spring Scenic Area Tourism Promotion Association, Xinyi Township, Nantou County, Li Haowei, Chairman of Beigangxi Hot Spring Tourism Development Association of Nantou County, Wu Ruiteng, Vice Chairman of Taiwan Tourism National Tourism Development Association, and Zhang Mingzhong, Deputy Director of Dongshi Forest Farm Recreation Area And the seven hot spring area operators and others attended the launching ceremony, jointly announced the implementation of the new life movement of epidemic prevention and safe travel measures, and invited the people to come to the seven hot spring areas in the central area to take a good soup together, travel with confidence, and officially kick off the event.

The Russian elf beauty "Annie" who was invited to the press conference together and TCM physician Qiao Shenglin shared the hot spring maintenance at the press conference. Dr. Qiao said that hot springs in summer can not only remove waste, toxins and excess water from the body; the expanded pores let the mine Substances enter the body, which not only enhances the body's resistance, but also relaxes the body strained by the epidemic, and achieves beauty and beauty benefits. Together with simple health food, it protects the body and skin from the inside out. Taiwan’s super mission sightseeing spokesperson, Team Leader Xiong, also raided the scene of the press conference and proposed to the long admired Annie with super-large diamonds, but Anne said that this shape of the diamond ring was very cute but not sincere. Good soup, not only can strengthen the body, but also have the opportunity to obtain a genuine diamond necklace!

In this activity, the Samsang Office combined two major hot spring areas including the Hsinchu Neiwan Jianshi, Miaoli Tai'an, Taichung Uri, Dakeng, Guguan, Nantou Dongpu, and Beigang Creek, and launched a total of two virtual and integrated network activities. , Provide prizes and bonuses worth more than 400,000 yuan, and actually give back to the people who come to the hot springs of the seven central hot spring areas; this year is also the "Year of the Ridge Mountains Tourism". We also use the central hot spring as the characteristic axis to integrate the theme features around the hot spring area There are more than 10 themed hot spring tour routes in Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, and Nantou, offering you a good choice for summer trips.

The event period is from June 20th to September 20th, as long as it is consumed at the legal hot spring hotel and restaurants and restaurants in the central part of the country, including "Jianshi, Tai'an, Guguan, Wuri, Dakeng, Beigangxi, Dongpu" during the event period. Or participate in the Chubu Haotang theme tour, upload the invoice with a consumption of more than 500 yuan to the event website, and you can participate in the draw every month. At the end of the event, one of the most famous international brand 30-point diamond necklaces worth 100,000 yuan will be drawn. In addition, when the consumption records of the seven hot spring areas are collected during the event, you can get the "Flower" limited towel cape designed by the well-known Chinese designer Daniel Wong through the event website.