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Town tourism is upgraded again New highlights of punch card tourism Town Passport (2.0) grand debut in summer vacation

In order to promote the "town roaming year", the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport selected 40 characteristic towns in the last (108) year, and continued the town boom this year (109), selecting 30 classic/mountain towns and holding them today "2020 Taiwan Classic/Mountain Town Small Town Joint Exhibition and Town Passport (2.0) Presentation", Minister Lin Jialong of the Ministry of Communications and Director Zhang Xicong of the Tourism Bureau jointly announced the official start of the "Town Roaming Passport 2.0" event, inviting the public to enter the mountains and forests, Let's experience the strong human feelings of the small towns in Taiwan together and experience the beauty of the local customs and customs.

The beauty of Taiwan’s small towns has always been loved by the public. This year, in conjunction with the promotion of the 2020 "Spine Mountain Tourism Year", combined with the town and Taiwan’s unique mountain tourism, guide tourists to experience local culture through in-depth tourism and drive a new wave of town roaming The upsurge, and next year the promotion of the town will be upgraded to 3.0, in cooperation with the tourism bureau of the Ministry of Communications, the main axis of the "Bike Tourism Year", invite everyone to ride the bicycle to roam the town.

The "Taiwan Classic/Mountain Town Joint Exhibition and Town Passport (2.0) Press Conference" was held today on Xiangdi Avenue, Xinyi District, Taipei City, continuing the upsurge of stamp collection activities last year, so that the public can’t wait to arrange a trip and collect unique small ones. Zhenzhenzhang participated in the lottery. There were also Luodong’s Song and Dance performances from Luodong, Yilan, as well as local performance teams from Pingtung Wutai and Taitung Changbin Aboriginal Songs and Dances. Strong town smell.