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The beautiful photos of the spine mountain range can be seen at Guguan. The 6 visitor center of the Mountain Ice Festival starts at the same time

This year is the Year of the Backbone Mountains Tourism. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications held the "2020 Taiwan Golden Milestone Online Photography Awards". Through the official IG of Woxiong, it collected beautiful photos of the Backbone Mountains under the lens of tourists. 24 winning works were specially selected on the 25th. The visitor center is ready until September 25.

The visitor pointed out that the spine-mountain photography exhibition has just finished the layout of the Beijing Railway Station square, and Guguan, which has the characteristics of mountain and forest scenery and hot springs, is suitable for family travel as a demonstration point for the tour arrangement. The opening tea party specially invites the super popular group leader Oh Xiong Appeared at the same scene with the rare Sanshan Babies, which surprised all the friends at the scene!

Yesterday’s opening tea party was attended by Wu Jieping, the planning team leader of the Tourism Bureau, Cao Zhongyou, deputy director of the Sanshan Office, Lin Xuman, the director of the Heping District Public Office, and representatives of Guan Huili and Guguan hot spring companies. The Sanshan Office also announced at the tea party that "revolving The "Qibing•Lebu Sishu" sipping ice activity is officially launched; with the hot trail catching treasures, the central part of the good soup and diamond activity, summer vacation to Guguan is very fun, sipping ice, trails, hot springs three wishes Can be satisfied at once!