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The opening ceremony of Jiji painted train and Checheng railway exhibition center

The National Collection Art Museum, which was attracting attention from all over the country, was officially opened this morning. It was presented on the four-section and one train by the newly-painted stone tigers from Taiwan and Russia. It will travel on the railway in the next year. On the episode branch line, we hope that in addition to a deeper understanding of the collection industry and culture, we will reawaken everyone's understanding and attention to Shihu, and at the same time be a symbol of friendly exchange between Taiwan and Russia.
This year's "National Jiji Art Museum" collection of painted trains was released in August, and it received national attention and concern. Under the circumstance, Taiwan and Russia were connected. In the process of completion, they were helped by many friends. With the assistance of the inter-ministerial meeting, including the Russian illustrator Катя Молодцова generously authorized the painting of the stone tiger she painted to the use of the painted train, the special biological research and conservation center of the Executive Yuan's Council for the assistance and recognition of the original train design amendment, diplomacy The Ministry of Representatives in Russia assisted in the first-time contact and so on, and finally, the support and affirmation of the correction of the collection of painted trains.
At this time, the opportunity for the press conference was started. The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Management Office cooperated with the Special Biological Research and Conservation Center of the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan to launch the Shihu Conservation Signing Activity on the spot, once again calling for the importance of conservation of Shihu, and also let this painted train Driving is even more meaningful.

The "Railway Sightseeing Primary School", also in the secret garden of the squatting car, was officially opened this morning. In addition to providing visitor centre services, a collection of railways to take a real-life video experience, and erecting a physical model power train and track bypass, the park It also displays the old locomotive (R100-R114) and the old passenger car (35SPK32700), which are connected with the adjacent rut train station, the nostalgic retro railway culture park and more than ten antique trains and old railway scenes. The rut became a pilgrimage site that the railway fans must chase, and also warmed up for the 2022 railway sightseeing tour.

On the day of the event, the children from the local area were invited to experience together. On the campus where the students were born, they witnessed the rebirth and transformation of the idle campus into an emerging tourist attraction. It also fully demonstrated the new hope of the 20th anniversary of the gathering line after the 921 earthquake. . Hong Weixin, director of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Management Office, said that in the future, the school district will be planned and rebuilt, and the non-official management method will be applied as a primary school classroom area for railway cultural relics exhibition, exhibition space, railway tourism development base, and planning. The history of the school of Che Guguo and other schools also keeps the historical record of the rebirth of the old school forever.

In the following year, the painted trains designed with Jijishan bananas will be driven on the Jiji branch line, so that visitors can also bring cute painted trains home to collect, from October 1 to October 31. On the day of the holiday, visitors will only take photos with the "National Jiji Art Museum" painting train, and go to the "Re-discovery, Dynamic Sun Moon Lake" Facebook of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration of the Ministry of Communications, and find the "Collection of Love and Chasing Trains" post. According to the activity method, you can participate in the lucky draw. The event will draw 30 lucky people to get one of the reduced-painted version of the painted train, and another 10 to get the set of the Rangdao town roaming ticket 埕+ version. Visitors can also upload photos to their personal Facebook settings, and then display the upload screen to the Chess Visitor Center. You can also get a reduced version of the painted train back to the power unit, limited to 100 units, while stocks last!