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2019 Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music and Come! Bikeday Festival

The "2019 Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Flower Music Carnival" event, in conjunction with the Tourism Bureau's "Expanding the Autumn and Winter National Tourism Awards Program", will be held from October 4th to November 17th. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications is managing the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. (10/2) The press conference announced that the main event of this year's event was "Fireworks Passion", "Music Warmth" and "International Integration". The "Come! Bikeday Bike" and "Large Outdoor Fireworks Music Show" continued to be the dual core highlights of the series. It also integrates important sports events in Sun Moon Lake, including Marathon Road Run, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Culture, Wedding and Electric Boat Night Flight, etc. During the event, the event will also be held in conjunction with the "12-Hour Photo Contest", "Poke Music Event" and "The Capsule Kaleidoscopes, "Sun Moon Lake New 8 Kings Collection Gifts" and many other good health activities and project offers. The rich and diverse activities require everyone to have a different experience, day or night.

The Sun Moon Lake Fireworks Music Carnival series has entered its 12th year. Since October 4th, it has held 8 highlights and other related activities. This event combines the unique characteristics of "Art Culture" and "Sports and Leisure" with the integration of Taiwan and Sun Moon Lake. The press conference on October 2nd invited the cultural work team of the Jiuzu Cultural Village to pre-empt the highlights of the event and sing and interpret the spirit of Taiwan's aborigines.

This year's series of event fireworks concerts, a total of 3 performances of each style of music performance. On October 19th, "Taiwan's Big Brother Sun Moon Lake Fireworks Concert "Enjoy the Extraordinary" will be performed by the Lexing Time Management Group with the symphonic music combined with the Taiwan University Choir, and the music will be used to dance a new lifeline. In conjunction with the promotion of tribal tourism, on November 2nd, the "Tao Xiang Yuan Yin" Aboriginal Concert was also performed in Taiwan's Aboriginal culture to enhance the visibility of Aboriginal traditional performing arts. On November 9th, the NTSO Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra performed the show with the taste of elegance and popularity, letting the people linger in the lakes and mountains and the melodious music of Sun Moon Lake, and staged the final concert of the last fire concert of the series, leading the people to listen to the Sun Moon Lake on the moonlight. Enjoy people's music and get close to music art.

In terms of sports events, the "2019 Lake Marathon" to be held on October 27 will not only become the international certification of the International Marathon and Long Distance Association (AIMS), but also be one of the first events in Taiwan to be listed in the AbbottWMM World Championships. , became the second 2021 Abbott Wanda age-qualified world champion qualification event.

One of the six major activities of the Taiwan Bicycle Festival, Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday will depart from the Xiangshan Visitor Center on November 3rd, including the cute and fun "Children's Slider Fun Tournament" and the 10K "Bicycle Escape" of the Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail. And the classic route of the 30K "Huantan Challenge Tour", which offers a panoramic view of Sun Moon Lake, invites people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Sun Moon Lake Bike Path with bicycles. In addition, the "2019 Town Roaming Year" is more suitable for the collection of classic towns this year. In the town, on October 6th, the "Iron Township, Crazy Iron Horse" event was held, including the two routes of town roaming and parent-child leisure, and invited the people to take the recently smashed combination of Taiwan and Russia to collect the painted bananas. The Nantou Collection with local characteristics and the railway secret rut will carry out the deep Nantou cycling tour.

There are also a number of exciting surrounding activities, including the "2019 Sun Moon Lake Wedding" featuring romantic water and land on October 4, and the "Sun Moon Lake" which enjoys black tea picnic concerts and tastes and tastes cakes from November 16th to 17th. Black tea culture season, etc.

2019, Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Flower Music Carnival, from October 4th to November 17th, invites you to join us!