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Invite you to go up the mountain and be a tough guy, join hands with parents and children to have fun

In the hot summer, in addition to the seaside, another recipe for health preservation is "to breathe in the mountains and cool the forest." The 2020 Spine Mountain Tourism Year will hit another climax in the summer and continue to be exciting. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and Beijing Fashion Plaza cooperated at 109 On August 15, 2015, the "2020 Backbone Mountain Tourism Year-Challenge Guanyin Mountain Tough Guy Ridge" event was held at the Guanyin Mountain Visitor Center. This event was organized by Mr. Chen Yanbo, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Xicong Zhang, Director of the Tourism Bureau, and Mr. Ke, Beijing Fashion Plaza The manager Su Yin, the Taiwan tourism spokesperson Oh Xiong, and the Taiwanese frog queen Li Zhanying led everyone to challenge the tough guys, breathe together, and feel the beauty of Taiwan's mountains and forests. On the same day, Beijing Station called on a hundred people and fans of the Woxiong team leader to participate enthusiastically, and successfully challenged the people who had won the top spot. They were awarded the first "Tough Guy Certificate" signed by Minister Lin Jialong of the Ministry of Transport and a limited "Bear Fan Exclusive Tough Guy Replenishment" ceremony". At the same time, picnic mats are also prepared on site to enjoy the leisurely parent-child time of the picnic on the mountain. Through the lively and interesting interactive games for fans of the bear, continue to scroll mountain tourism topics.