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2020 Taiwan Small Town Style Shop Theme Exhibition OhBear Dream Workshop debuts

The three-week "Taiwan Town Style Shop Theme Exhibition" pop-up exhibition grandly debuted at the Fashion Plaza of Beijing Station, Taiwan on September 16, 109. It was a lively exhibition with a distinctive 2D comic style combined with photography works from 70 small towns. The theme exhibition once again cooperated with Taiwan Fashion Plaza in Beijing Railway Station, exhibiting photography works including classic towns 1.0 and 2.0, Kezhuang towns, international slow towns and mountain towns, showing the diversity of Taiwanese towns At the same time, it also warms up the town 3.0, which will be launched at the end of the year. At that time, the town 100 will be launched, inviting everyone to join the small town in Taiwan.

In addition to the town theme exhibition, this time the "OhBear Dream Workshop" was launched for the first time. A variety of OhBear authorized products were displayed on site. In addition to the red dot award-winning Taiwanese well-known brand BONE and OhBear co-branded products, there are also There are well-known souvenirs authorized by Wo Xiong on behalf of all parts of Taiwan, such as high mountain oolong tea from Lishan and black tea from Yangmingshan. During this theme exhibition, a series of activities were planned, including the "Small Town Travel Photography Lecture". Li Yongshi, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese edition of National Geographic Magazine, and the travel photographer Zhang Yiyun were invited. Team leader Xiong and internet celebrity Huang Hao live live themed exhibition, the "OhBear Team Leader Fan Meeting" to test the tacit understanding with fans, and a series of activities such as online uploading and group photos of the theme exhibition. As long as you participate in the physical and online activities of the bear, you will have the opportunity Draw the ACE suitcase. At the same time, a Woxiong IG photo printer was placed at the event site, which can print out the Woxiong limited borders, and a special message board was set up to make a reservation for the next trip to the town on the message board.