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Japanese local government staff in Taiwan successfully challenged bicycles to circle Taiwan for a week and kicked off the 2021 Japan-Taiwan friendship year

The 311 Great East Japan Earthquake is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021. The "Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association" thanked the people of Taiwan for their various donations to Japan, including donations, provision of earthquake supplies, and dispatch of emergency relief teams. Therefore, 2021 is set as In the "Japan-Taiwan Friendship Year", Taiwan and Japan will cooperate in a series of activities to deepen exchanges at all levels and warm up the friendship between Taiwan and Japan.

The three must-do things for a Taiwanese are climbing Yushan, swimming across Sun Moon Lake, and cycling around the island. This time it was initiated by the third director of Miyazaki Tie, who was stationed in Taiwan by Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, together with Okinawa, Fukuoka, Ehime, Mie, Staff from 8 counties and cities including Gunma County, Kasama City (Ibaraki Prefecture), Ena City (Gifu County) and other cities in Taiwan carried out the "Japanese-Taiwan Friendship-Cycling Around the Island Together" plan, choosing the most grounded and close to Taiwan land A friendly way of cycling around the island to get to know Taiwan in depth, and to warm up for the "2021 Bicycle Tourism Year" activity of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport.