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2019 Taiwan Cycling Festival Main Event - KOM (King of the Mountains) Challenge on Oct.25, drew 730 cyclists from 42 countries to climbing to Wuling.

The "2019 Taiwan Bike Mountaineering Challenge" will debut on October 25. A total of 730 domestic and foreign professional and amateur bicycle climbers from 42 countries and regions around the world will gather together to fight the battle of Wuling. This year's international elites gathered, the top teams of the active World Tour including Katusha-Alpecin, EF-Drapac, ASTANA, and the CCC-Liv team of the legendary woman Marianne Vos are all coming to the competition.

Although this challenge has entered the eighth year this year, it has become one of the pocket lists of the classic route of "at least one challenge in life". All players will experience this paradise road, which is one of the top ten difficult challenges in the world and is the same as the Alpine stage of the Tour de France.

As the competition has received increasing international attention, the number of registered foreign drivers has increased year by year. Among them, there are more and more men and women who have participated in top events such as Tour de France, Tour de France, Tour de France and World Tour. Among the 730 players in this year, the ratio of 488 foreign players reached 66.8%, which is the third consecutive year of foreign players. In addition, this year, there are 74 female drivers, which is also the highest in the history of this event.

The 2019 Taiwan Bike Mountaineering Challenge will be held at 6 am on October 25, from the Huaxing Qixingtan on the Pacific Ocean, through the towering deep mountain valleys of the Taroko Pavilion, the beautiful green trees, and the direct access to the Hehuan Mountain, the highest point of the Taiwan Highway. Ridge, the player will challenge from an altitude of 0 meters straight to 3275 meters, a total length of 105 kilometers.

The first 80 kilometers of the entire event, from the official release point of 18 kilometers, climbed up through the magnificent Taroko Gorge with an average rate of 8%. The finale of the finale is the paradise road from the Daguling to the last 10 kilometers and the slope of 17 to 27%. The challenging and challenging, combined with the amazing scenery along the way, has become the unique charm of this event.

Every year, the event invites famous foreign bicycle players to participate in the competition, including the three-way global road car competition - Tour de France, the Central, the King of the West, or the Olympics. This year's UCI World Tour top professional team "Katusha-Alpecin" team sent two active players to participate in the 2019 event, including Australian Nathan Haas and Belgian Steff Cras.

In terms of women's players, the Dutch star Marianne Vos, who was voted the best female bicycle player in the world by Cycle Sport magazine, has won nearly 350 bicycle races over the years. It is the most accomplished legend in the world. Player. Marrianne Vos, 32, currently a member of the CCC-Liv team, won the Olympic gold medal and the World Cup. Vos has won many careers, even listed as "Wikipedia" with a "great player" page to list career awards, and Vos is still seven listed (the other six are Merckx, Cancellara, Cavendish, Greipel) The only woman in Sagan and Valverde!)!

Danish John Ebsen and Australia's Benjamin Dyball won the championship at the end of last year's KOM event with a difference of 11 seconds. Both will compete for this year's competition. Last year's eye-catching Dutch teenager Kenny Nijssen, in the M20 star position, won the fourth place in the elite group of elite players. This year's strength should not be underestimated. Morimoto Makoto, a well-known Japanese mountaineering champion who has been familiar with domestic riders and has been on the KOM awards board, has come again this year.

In the local masters, Feng Junkai will participate in this year's event immediately after the National Games. "Mr. Fan" Fan Yongzhen fights KOM again, and I believe that all the riders will rejoice. Well-known domestic players Peng Yuantang, Huang Wenzhong, Liu Shuming, Wu Zhizhen, Huang Guanlin, and women's players Zeng Kezhen, Xu Wanting and Chen Ziyi have also made great achievements this year.

It is worth mentioning that the three major hosts of the domestic sports tourism program: the audience of the "Go Go Taiwan", Windy Duan Huilin, the "food eater" location host Lin Yanjun 151, and the FOX sports station anchor Hou Yili, also registered this year. KOM events; they have invested in all aspects of training and preparation for this event, when the healthy women challenge KOM, wonderful!

In order to provide a safe and challenging environment, the traffic control will be implemented on the Hualien section of the competition on October 25th: the Qixingtan section of the 193 line (the Qixingtan Elevated Viaduct to the Xincheng Township Street) will be controlled from 05:30 to 07:00. The control time of the northern end of the Tailuo Bridge on the 9th line to the north end of Jinwen Bridge is from 06:00 to 08:00, and the control time of Tai 8 is from 06:30 to 08:00. The control time from Tianxiang to Daguling is from 07:00 to 11:00, and the control time of Dalailing to Hehuanshan Visitor Center on Taiwan 14th Line is from 08:30 to 11:00. Part of the traffic control situation of Nantou is that the control time of the 14th line of Cuifeng to Hehuanshan Visitor Center is from 09:00 to 11:0 0; please contact the public for diversion. We apologize for any inconvenience.