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2019 Taiwan Cycling Festival Opening

The Taiwan Bicycle Festival has been in its ninth year since its inception in 2011. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held a press conference on the first floor of the Ministry of Communications on October 8th at 10:00 Taiwan Bicycle Festival. This year's "2019 Taiwan Bicycle Festival", in addition to the 2021 bicycle tour year, and the theme of the town roaming year, with "Taiwan's riding, the town's adventure" as the main axis, combined with many county and city governments, the National Scenic Area Management Office and other related units Co-hosting bicycle activities and inviting people to roam the classic Taiwanese town by bicycle.

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications announced at the press conference that the six major events of the "2019 Taiwan Bicycle Festival" and the six major themes, each with its own characteristics, the "2019 Taiwan Bicycle Carnival" with the theme of "industry", and the planned industrial establishments Experience, promote low-carbon tourism and introduce the bicycle industry brand; the classic "Taiwan Bicycle Mountaineering Challenge" is based on the theme of "mountain climbing". It will invite domestic and foreign experts to challenge the Pacific Ocean from Hualien Qixingtan and ride through Taroko to the Taiwan Highway. The highest point - Hehuan Mountain Wuling; "Come! Bikeday" for all ages, with the theme of "Huantan", will be held in the Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail, which ranks among the top ten most beautiful lanes in the world; This year, with the theme of "Island around the island", we will use the roundabout way to conduct a classic town tour and roam the scenery along the way. "Light up Taiwan" is a "lighthouse" theme, combining the national scenery. District and National Park's 4-pole lighthouse resources, to introduce domestic and foreign tourists to the lighthouse and surrounding private sightseeing in the northeast and northwest The "Huadong Bay Bicycle Travel" is based on the theme of "Roaming" and joins the elements of a small town full of roaming style. Inviting everyone to enjoy a leisurely tour in the "Slow City" Fenglin Town, discover the characteristics of Huadong Town, experience the stage 9 The beauty of the line and the 11th line.

In order to announce the determination to strengthen the promotion of bicycle tourism, and in line with the "2021 Bicycle Tourism Year", we will continue to promote the "Island Bike Path Upgrade Program" for four years, inviting everyone to ride into the private attractions that are easy to skip when driving normally. The town, visiting Taiwan's unique customs and customs, feels different Taiwanese tastes at close range.